The APAK is the quickest and simplest thing you can implement which has been proven to fundamentally improve the effectiveness of your teaching and the behavior in your classroom and playground.


What is in the APAK?

The Auditory Processing Assessment Kit (APAK) contains:

  • 2 interactive multimedia CDs
  • An instruction booklet.

CD1 has been developed for children from school entry to the 4th year of schooling, and for older children with learning difficulties.

CD2 has been developed for students from the 4th to 10th year of schooling.

Each interactive multimedia CD contains:

  • Pre-recorded verbal presentation of sentences and digits
  • Instructions for conducting the assessment
  • Printable score sheets
  • Video clips of children undergoing assessment
  • Norm statistics from more than 12,000 students, and indicators of children at risk
  • Classroom tips – practical strategies for improving learning outcomes and behaviour
  • Supporting research