The Auditory Processing and Assessment Kit (APAK) is produced and developed by Rowe Research Pty Ltd and authored by Dr Kathy Rowe, Dr Ken Rowe and Jan Pollard. Rowe Research was founded by Dr Kathy Rowe and her late husband, Dr Ken Rowe who have international renown for their independent and joint research in the areas of educational, epidemiological, pediatric and psychosocial inquiry, with a particular focus on the overlap between education and health.

Located in Melbourne, (Australia), today Rowe Research is dedicated to delivering the key messages of the many years of research to the public, through education and educational products. Dr Kathy Rowe continues to conduct pediatric developmental assessment and counselling, in the areas of auditory processing, externalizing behaviours (e.g., ADD and/or AD/HD) and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Dr Kathy Rowe also conducts professional learning presentations and workshops for staff working in pre-schools, primary (elementary) schools and secondary (high) schools, universities, and key child and adolescent health providers.

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You could see it on their faces, the look of bewilderment. There were always children who seemed just lost in the classroom I’ve had great success with it. When you teach in this way, it’s like a light comes on. The children know what you are talking about.

Teacher at Woodlands Primary School, Langwarrin, Victoria


The contributions of the following collaborators are gratefully acknowledged:

Eddie Keir, Jenny Michael, Jan Pollard and Lesley Tan (Audiologists), Tony Fear (Videographer), John Fisher (Speech Pathologist), Joy Birrell, Glenice Cook, Elizabeth Fear, Judith Moon, Heather Robinson, Heather Somerville and Louise Tomlinson (Research Assistants), as is the willing support and participation of educational administrators, principals and teachers in Victorian government schools since 1999.