Are you sick of repeating yourself?

Are you tired of interrupting yourself to get the attention of daydreamers?

Do you want to spend less time on crowd-control and more time actually teaching?


“There’s just bits of it that sink in, but most of it doesn’t really register. You just kind of half listen and half not listen. He raves-on and you switch-on only sometimes just in case he asks you a question, but his voice is always there.”

A response from a Year 11 boy about his Geography class and teacher.

“You could see it on their faces, the look of bewilderment. There were always children who seemed just lost in the classroom I’ve had great success with it. When you teach in this way, it’s like a light comes on. The children know what you are talking about”

Teacher at Woodlands Primary School, Langwarrin, Victoria

The tools in this kit identify at the start of the year the students who are at risk of falling behind, losing concentration and becoming disruptive. Teachers will also learn simple, but proven techniques that keep your students attentive and focused as well as improve their grades.

The APAK is the quickest and simplest thing you can implement which has been proven to fundamentally improve the effectiveness of your teaching and the behavior in your classroom and playground. Using the APAK improves the quality of teaching in your school, without spending countless hours and thousands of dollars on professional development or equipment.

The APAK is the product of over ten years of evidence-based research. It gives you and your school practical tools which have been proven to improve the quality of your teaching, the results of your students and reduce the disruption caused by inattentive and problem behavior in the classroom and playground.


Feedback from Teachers

  • Easy and quick to administer (~7 mins)
  • All classes had children with the difficulty (range 5-40%)
  • Highlighted ‘at-risk’ children early
  • Implications for classroom practice were obvious
  • Professional development was very helpful
  • If auditory processing was not the problem, further assessment could be organized for children who were inattentive
  • Classroom strategies not only helped those with difficulty but all other children in the class
  • Useful information for parents at home
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The Recommendation from Teachers

  • Teachers strongly recommend APAK for inclusion in School Entry Assessment procedures and for use throughout the school (school entry to 10th year of schooling).
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  • What is in the APAK?